Apply For New Driving License In India 2021| Gain knowledge About Driving License

In this article we are going to discuss about Apply For New Driving License In India 2021


Apply For New Driving License In India 2021

Apply For New Driving License In India 2021 Driving License in India is an authorized Document for drive a motor vehicle. If you are 18 plus and You wanted to Drive a motor vehicle then you have to firstly apply for a License which authorises you to drive a vehicle.

Driving License in India is came under the Ministry Of Road Transport and Highways Of India. In India their are various type of Drving License is issued by the authorities. A driving License can be Used as a Valid identity proof.

Apply For New Driving License In India 2021
Apply For New Driving License In India 2021

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What is Driving License?

A Driving License is an Important Document by which people of a Country are legally eligible for driving a motor vehicle in India. A Driving License is issued by the Ministry Of Road Transport and Highways, India. It permits citizens to drive and the same Driving License can be used as a valid Identity Proof.

Once DL or Driving License is issued then you can drive in India to one state from another state. In many other Countries, an Indian Driving License is also a valid official document for driving a vehicle.

In this article we will know about Apply For New Driving License In India 2021. read the full post for more information.

Types Of Driving License:

Type of driving License is depends upon the type of vehicle user used. the type of requirement of a driving license of every vehicle is different. Types of driving license are following:

  • Learners License
  • Lite Permanant License 
  • Commercial Heavy License 
  • International Permit For Driving

Learners License

Before you get a bond of your long-lasting license, the Road Transport Authority issues you a learner’s license. The validity of the same is without help for happening to 6-months; which implies that you must polish your driving skills within this period frame.

Even as soon as a toddler learns to understand the first baby steps, we don’t depart them unattended. We seek to watch each step and teach them to credit their body. In the same exaggeration, a learning license holder should not be left alone to hope. She/he should always be in the midst of an era driver.

Lite Permanant License 

As soon as the waiting era of 6-months is more than, the RTO issues a remaining license to the applicant. The age of the applicant should be 18 years antique and she/he should determine the driving test. The process of applying is made online and so the correctness process is beautiful easy and stress-set set drifting.

The long-lasting license is issued for private vehicles subsequently than cars and bikes. Issuing a remaining driver’s license means that the authority RTO is assured approximately the driving skills of the applicant.

Just later than subsequent to we locate that the baby can saunter apropos his own, unaccompanied subsequently we depart him to question the world. Along with we tend to believe in appendage care to prevent any simple blinking.

Commercial Heavy License 

This type of license authorizes the driver to aspiration unventilated vehicles. Such a straightforward vehicle is used to transport passengers or goods. The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for a commercial driver’s license is a bit vary. Here, the candidate should have necessarily cleared the investigation of 8th within ample limits.

The onus of the advertisement vehicle driver is progressive as they are accountable for not unaccompanied their safety but along with of others.

International Permit For Driving

When an applicant looks for an international driving license it implies that the person is eligible to rent and slant any vehicle in a foreign blazing.

However, it can on your own be issued if you already have a surviving driving license. Unlike your driver’s license, the IDP has a validity for 1 year by yourself. And not in the set against off from the expiry, one would need to apply later than anew.

*Apply For a Driving License here: See Post(Apply For New Driving License In India 2021)

Apply For New Driving License In India 2021
Apply For New Driving License In India 2021

Apply For New Driving License In India 2021

here is Apply For New Driving License In India 2021 Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Visit the credited website:

Step 2: On the homepage, pick your respective State

Step 3: Click as regards the “Apply for Driving License” colleague

Step 4: Press Continue Button

Step 5: Provide details of your Learners Licence Number.

Step 6: Enter your DOB in DDMMYYYY format.

Step 7: Fill in the required recommendation and click regarding OK.

Step 8: Fill in the works your personal details in the look of your reveal, age, and residence.

Step 9: Upload all supporting documents as soon as home proof, age proof, and identity proof.

Step 10: Scan & upload your passport size photograph and signature

Step 11: Select the date and times for your DL succession, and then book your slot for an appointment at RTO/ARTO office and your application form will be successfully sent to the RTO.

Step 12: You can visit the RTO office and admit on your DL exam.


Driving license in India is a confess to goal a specified category of the vehicle going taking into account mention to the subject of for the road, i.e a two-wheeler, four-wheeler or a trailer vehicle as swiftly, within territorial boundaries.

Your Driving license is an attributed document issued by the Government of India to steer your car, truck, bus, bike, et all. It authorizes or understandably dictates that the owner knows how to aspiration the vehicle and has undergone tests that abide by the traffic rules and regulations.

Driving brings comfort and convenience to our dynamism but it should not cause any blinking to any third party. Keeping this in mind, epoch adults above 18 years of age are entitled to profit a driving license. Anyone knocked out this age is not permissible to hope. In the prosecution of a violation, the parents of the candidate can be legally responsible.

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